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I would like to create an advanced rule in Mygeotab in which I trigger an alarm if a vehicle is not communicating after a defined time or threshold, for example after 30 minutes. Do you have any idea how you could establish this rule ?.

I was sneaking a bit of information from the data tab in the watchdog report and we see a DeviceStatusAnalysisTroubleDownloadStatus variable, which is placed in ok or in Device is no downloading data, but in order to give the appropriate diagnostics in the creation options rules.


Isaac Abreu

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Hello Isaac,


There is no way to do this through the rules engine. What can be done is set up a custom watchdog report that refreshed every half hour that only sends when a device is not communicating. 

This would involve using some creative excel logic to account for our device heartbeats (30 mins interval, and then 23 hour intervals)

Alternatively, you can develop an application that does this through the SDK. A link to our SDK webpage, my.geotab.com/sdk where you can read what fields can be done through the sdk.


Kevin de Sousa

Kevin De Sousa

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