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One-Click Install provides you with instant access on select solutions. Start using free Geotab Add-Ins within seconds by taking advantage of this exciting new feature. Simply click “Install” and your solution will be available in your database automatically. Visit the new enhanced, Marketplace website and learn more about Geotab Drive Add-Ins  https://marketplace.geotab.com/solution-categories/eld-ifta-dvir

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Grish S

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ive installed the fuel tracker among my devices, but unfortunately its not working the same in the all devices. as in one of my tablet its not even getting on. the small circle is keep on revolving for hours an di need to sut off my device and turn on in order to use it. plz suggest me what to do.


Balbir Awal 0 votes

Hi Balbir,

If the Fuel Tracker add-in is working slower or not as expected in one of your tablets, but is working OK on others, then you'd need to troubleshoot the tablet itself. 

I recommend clearing the cache of the Geotab Drive app in that tablet and then try to use the app and add-in again. Clearing the cache is different in every mobile device, but below are some general steps for Android and IOS:

  • For iPhone/iPad: Settings > General > iPhone Storage/iPad Storage > Geotab Drive > Offload App. 
  • For Android: Settings > Applications > Application Manager > Geotab Drive > Storage > Clear Cache 

For further troubleshooting, check the Android and iOS recommended settings in the Drive App Compliance & Implementation Checklist. Also, check the cellular connection of the tablet. 

If you have any other questions, let us know and we can assist further. 

Jose Fernandez 0 votes