Geotab Drive & Cloud ELD: The Switch to Server Side Logic


Important new updates for Geotab Drive affecting the logic behind generating driver logs and login workflow. Please read below to make yourself aware of these important changes.

Cloud ELD

Geotab has revamped the way we generate Duty Status logs with our Cloud ELD. The Geotab GO device records engine and GPS data recorded and sends it to MyGeotab over-the-air. MyGeotab will then process the information and push down required engine data, location, and Duty Status logs to the Geotab Drive app. Learn more about through the Cloud ELD Defined Document.

Driver Set Up Required

In order to have automatic duty-status changes to work, the user must be set as a driver. This can be done by selecting the user in question, then click on the Driver tab. Next to This user is a driver: select Yes as seen below.  

Follow the steps outlined in the Geotab Drive App Manual to learn how to enable a user to become a Drive app user. Also, watch our video on How to Mass Edit Users to learn how to edit existing users to be set as Drive app users. 

May Updates

To learn more about the updates listed below, review the MyGeotab Updates May 2017: Geotab Drive Update and New Features as well as, Geotab's ELD Cloud Solution & the New Changes Happening | Geotab Drive

  • Hours of Service Property for Vehicles
  • Unassigned Driving Time
  • Verify Prompt Upon Login
  • Minimum Character Requirement for ELD Annotations
  • View Logs Hyperlink in HOS Violations & HOS Availability Reports
  • Driver’s Home Terminal Time Zone
  • Previously Used Vehicle Prompt
  • Vehicle Selection Prompt for Disassociated Drivers
  • Support multiple languages
  • Ability to Login to Geotab Drive Without a Vehicle
  • Personal Conveyance Maximum Threshold
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