How to get Dignostic details form a diagnostic id?


Hi All,

I am using geotab api to get the fault data for the devices, I have stored the device ids list in my database and I am fetching the faults using "Get" geotab api where "typeName" = "FaultData":

"fromDate":"'+ fromDate +'",
"toDate":"'+ toDate +'",
"id":"'+ deviceId +'"
"sessionId":"'+ sessionId +'",

now I got the fault data with some diagnostic Id, the daignostic id fromat is like "anEQgsBneLkOTeoRpRXEsEQ" for most of the devices.

consider below as the response I got from the above "get" api call:


As this id is not giving much information about the daignostic so I want to pull its more detail info to show.
Also I have multiple daignostic Id for which I want to get the detail information in bulk request.

So is there any way to get these details by diagnostic id?


Anmol Nimbalkar

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Just like you built a local Device cache you will need to build a local Diagnostic cache by doing a Get<Diagnostic> call.

Once you have that cache you will be able to translate the id's to the actual diagnostic name and code.

Now, in terms of getting the Faults. If this is a once off then using a Get<FaultData> is the correct approach, however, if this is something you will be doing constantly then you should look at the GetFeed<FaultData> call as this is meant for that kind of data pull.

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