How do I inspect when repairs not made?


The asset shows non-safety repairs are still needed from previous inspection, how do I re-inspect without marking defect as repair complete?

Nancy Reynolds Hoffman

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Hello Nancy,

Thank you for the very good question.

Unfortunately this is not something currently implemented into the Geotab Drive DVIR functionality. As it currently stands, when starting the repair DVIR, you would need to select repairs not necessary and then certify as safe, in the repair section of the next DVIR workflow adding comments that repairs were not made yet. In the next DVIR simply add the defects from before back in, and continue as normal.

I have also discussed this in depth with our HOS team, and they also think this would be a good idea to have a way of saying the Repairs were not made yet and as a result we will be submitting a feature request to look into adding something like this.

Thank you once again for your excellent question, if you have any other concerns, let us know.

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