"This HOS log has a pending edit request."


Why am I unable to edit any logs for a particular driver? I keep getting the above message.

Nancy Reynolds Hoffman

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Hi Nancy, 

According to the ELD Mandate, the driver must accept or reject any edits made by the carrier. If you as an administrator, made edits to the a driver's log, the driver must either accept or reject the edit accordingly. For more information, review the following FAQ by the FMCSA: https://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/faq/who-can-edit-electronic-logging-device-eld-record. 

Once the driver has accepted the edit, the log will appear for the driver's HOS logs as an edited log. If the driver rejects the edit, the log will remain the same. 

Also, to review how the workflow appears for the driver, review the Driver's Guide to HOS and Roadside Inspection. Review the Logs tab section to see how the driver can view carrier edits. 


Grish S

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