Mobileye Diagnostic sound type



Our customers want to get a change in volume of MobileEye.

Can we get change event?

What mean diagnostic type "Mobileye Sound Type"?



GO7  - IOX-CAN -  Mobileye630


Best Regards,

Yuuki Kobori

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Hello Kobori,

Thank you for reaching out to Geotab Technical Support. To start with we do not have control of any changes to the Mobileye itself. 

You can use the document below on how to make any changes on the Mobileye:


"Mobileye Sound Type" is the diagnostic we use to identify what type of alert comes from the Mobileye. 

Sound type:

As long as warning is issued

0- Silent,
1- LDWL,
2- LDWR,
3- HW,
4- TSR warning (level 1,2,3)
5- Soft FCW,
6- Hard FCW + PCW
7- Pedestrian in DZ

Please feel free and let me know if you need further assistance. 

Best Regards,

Omed Sherzad

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