Engine Fault Codes in Engine Data Reports


I am unable to get the same fault codes that show up under the Advanced section of the Engine Data tab in the Engine Data reports.

i'm trying to set up a report that sends out daily and shows the specific fault codes per vehicle, however the reports don't seem to show the same fault codes that the Advanced section shows.

I can't seem to find the fault codes anywhere in the data tab of the report.

How can I get the same fault codes to show up in an emailed/dashboard report?


Chad Mcintyre

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Make sure you are choosing Default Engine Fault Report within the report options (if in 5.7) or go to Engine & Maintenance -> Engine Data -> Engine Faults (if in beta)


If you are doing this and you still do not see any faults then you will have to create a case with our support team so that we can review.

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