How to add/edit a vehicle?


To add a vehicle, the manual says, "navigate toVehicleson the left side menu. Select Add and then Add Vehicle. ".  I selected Vehicles on the left, but I don't see an "Add" button (see enclosed).  How do I add a vehicle?  

I also want to edit a vehicle.  The manual says, "To edit a vehicle, select it from the list. "  When I click on a vehicle, nothing happens.  I can click on the icon on the right to see the vehicle on the map.  When I hover over a vehicle, it shows me VIN, etc.  But how do I edit the vehicle?  I want to change the odometer.


Vicki Pelton

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It appears the admin settings for your user account don't allow you to add/edit vehicles.

Questions related to this should be directed to your Geotab reseller.

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