How long does MyGeotab refresh the vehicle position on the map?


Hi Support team,

Our customers in Asia query that it seems like MyGeotab takes a bit long to refresh the vehicle position on the map. The time is 1 minute and 39 seconds. I would assume that all devices are mounted in the locations where there're no obstacles interfering the GPS and mobile signals. And the vehicles are traveling in good cell coverage.

Our database: PBL (https://securatrak0.geotab.com/pbl)

Carrier in Vietnam: Viettel

Carriers in Laos: LAO GSM and Beeline

What's the interval in North America and other regions? And what factors effect the duration?



Nguyen Hieu

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MyGeotab refreshes the map every 15 seconds, but this does not mean that the data will come into the database every 15 seconds. The is no fixed time for when data comes into the database and that depends on the logging algorithm set within the device firmware. However, there is a maximum time of 100 seconds for when data have to come in.


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Can the map refresh rate be changed from 15 seconds to another value?

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