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Just installed Geotab for my snow removal business with 21 tractors equipped with GO6 and covering 1900 Zones.

The Zones are the customers lot including the driveway.

At all 5 snow storms, we clearly see each GO6 device (tractor) entering each Zones during their route

I am looking for a report giving me the ZONES that were not PING by the GO6.

Is there a way to know how many clients were forgotten ?

Thanks in advance

Andre Begin

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There is no easy way of achieving this but there are a few options:

1. If the customer zone list does not change often (let's say monthly at most) you can add a sheet to either the Trip History or the Customer Visit report with the complete list and then add a look up that shows TRUE if they are listed among the visited zones and FALSE if not.

2. If they are very much dynamic then:

  1. Use the SDK, you could use the SDK to build a nice addin that does this comparison in the background and just shows you the zones that were not visited during your chosen time period.
  2. Keep it simple and run two reports: either a Trip History Report or a Customer Visits report and a Zone Report and then copy the necessary information into one file and do a look up (alternatively you could build a Macro that does this for you).
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