Quickly connecting Geotab DB with Business Intelligence Software


I am wanting to quickly feed the data that is generated in Geotab and make a connection between the Geotab DB and our BI. Is the a way to quickly go about doing this without having to write code that specifies every field that I am wanting? Because I am wanting to use the BI to filter though the data instead of having to specify exactly what parameters I want in the SDK. I was wanting to have the connection refresh every 12 hours. 


The connection/db options that are provided by my BI are SQL Server, SQL Azure, Postgre, MySQL, Oracle, Google Big Query, Redshift, Hana, Vertica, Vectorwise.


I am not against having to code something, but I'd prefer a quick solutions. 


Thank you, 


Brandon Tomlin

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We do not allow a direct database connection unfortunately.

Your best option is to look into the MyGeotab SDK, specifically at the DataFeed method. There are both C# and Javascript examples available and this will allow you to get the GPS Logs, Engine Data Logs, Trips and Exception Events.

If you have any questions regarding the Feed or the SDK in general please make them in the SDK Forum where our developers will answer them directly.

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