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Hi all,

Is there a way to configure email alerts when a reminder is due? Client has a small fleet and only a few maintenance items scheduled yearly, he does not systematically go into Reminders to look at what is to be done, and does not want daily reports in his email that are empty most of the time. We would like the email to come once the maintenance is due, and be able to configure forewarning (x km, y hrs, z days in advance).



LP Papillon [d2go]

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Hello Louis, 

Currently that feature is not available in MyGeotab. Aside from the Reminder Emailed Report, there is nothing else currently that will accomplish this. I do see that it is a feature request that has been submitted multiple times, so it is possible this feature may be added to a future version of MyGeotab. If you would like to do so, please submit a feature request for this to our support team. 



Taimoor Khan

Taimoor Khan 0 votes

We were checking to see if this feature had been added?  We have a couple of customers who would prefer to be notified when reminders are due versus getting a report.

Michael Hunt 0 votes

Hi Michael,

Currently we are using the Dynamic maintenance report :


This uses the SendReport variable to determine if the report should go out based on various conditions like due hours, km or date. So basically using this template you are able to program a report to go out every day or every week, but only if there are due reminders matching these conditions. Otherwise no report is sent. 

LP Papillon [d2go] 0 votes