Exception idle like the Trip History report


If one needs to capture idle events of, say 60 seconds, the Exception rule would be as I understand: ([IGN = True] and [Speed < 3kph] for 60 sec).  However, this would also pick up minute long stops at a red light.  Is it possible to build an idling exception rule as sophisticated as the idle calculation in the Trip History report (https://helpdesk.geotab.com/entries/33992644-How-idling-is-calculated-in-the-Trip-History-Page)? 

As alternative to an exception report, I am considering using the Risk Management report with its idling calculation in tact and then the other desired data pulled in via exception rules.  Do other reports that include Idling such as Risk Management also use the same method as Trip History to calculate idling?

Justin Streich

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