Driver NFC and stop configuration question



Could someone please answer the following questions?




1) Geotab considers a "Stop" any time the vehicle has had ignition off or if the vehicle is idling for more than 300 seconds

    - can the user change the idling time frame - if so, how?


2) Disassociating driver from a vehicle - what is the # of minutes AND can the user change the # of minutes - if so, how?

     - the set up for this is in the Vehicles module - select a vehicle to Edit then the Custom parameters tab 

        the parameter that we have been provided is the following ...   <Parameter Description="Reset Driver ID at Ignition Off" Offset="65" Bytes="10" IsEnabled="true"/>


chris wood

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Hi Chris, 

If a vehicle is idling for 200 seconds or more, the existing trip will be deemed finished by MyGeotab and a stop will be created on the map. The idling duration after the trip will then become its own individual trip. Idling is measured when the device detects that the ignition is on, but the speed of the vehicle is zero. A stop is detected when the ignition is off. There is no way to change the logic for idling length.

In the new version of MyGeotab, if you navigate to Vehicle>(Pick a Specific Vehicle)>Driver Feedback, and turn on the option for "Enable Driver Identification Reminder", you can set a specific time frame. This time frame works in two way. First it defines the time limit the driver has to start the vehicle after he swipes in with his GO Key or NFC Key. The time frame also defines the amount of time that has to pass before the driver is disassociated with a vehicle. 

For example, if I set this limit to 30 seconds, I must start the car within 30 seconds of swiping in as a driver. The device will also disassociate me as a driver 30 seconds after ignition has been turned off. 



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To add to this:

On the map it is possible to see multiple vehicles tagged to the same driver.  The driver label you see on the map will only be updated once a vehicle has been driven.  So if John was in vehicle A and drove around.  Then John jumps in vehicle b and drives around and leaves the vehicle at the shop.  Then John jumps in vehicle C and drives a while.  If the map user view the map when John is in vehicle C and nobody has moved vehicle a and b in the meantime then John will show active in all three vehicles. 


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