How to set zone e-mail notifications?


The user guide says:

This enables a number of possible scenarios
such as:
● Have an email sent out when drivers arrive at customer location
● Sound an in-vehicle alert to a driver who has left work early
● Notify your shipping and receiving department when a truck is will arrive soon

I can't figure out how to accomplish this. I'd like to set up alerts for a specific device, driver, or group, and have e-mails generated when that entity leaves or arrives at a zone. (The desired e-mail address is likely to be different for each group/device.

I am able to create an e-mail notification template,  but all I see are tokens that produce content in the message. I do not see any way to trigger the generation of a message when a vehicle (or group of vehicles) leaves a type of zone. Where would I accomplish this?

Peter Sheerin

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You would create an exception rule for the zone exit or zone type exit and select which group of vehicle for that rule.  On the third tab of that rule is "Notifications".  There you would select to email or send a web request or email to a distribution list.  If you want a different group of people to get an email for a different group of vehicles then you would create a different rule for each combination.

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Whatever devices are in a particular group that a rule is published to (see figure 1), are the only vehicles that will trigger exceptions when its conditions are broken.


Figure 1

These conditions can be modified in the 'conditions' tab when editing a rule. You can specify such conditions as: entering, exiting, stopping inside zones, et al. See figure 2. You may create as many zones and rules as necessary to accomplish your desired result.


Figure 2

In the notifications tab you may select whom an email is sent to. The template or message sent is created before hand in the rules page, populated with tokens or fields of interest. See figure 3.


Figure 3

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