Multiple Harsh braking incidents per second


I am seeing multiple harsh braking events per second in both the data feed and via reports from Geotab's site.  I have attached an example.  You will see not only harsh braking events are multiples but other driver events are also showing multiple times per second.

This is causing an issue to our clients when creating a driver scorecard.  Are these really multiple events?  Thanks, 

UP Geotab example of multiple behaviour events per second.xlsx

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Hi Kathy,

When a harsh event is triggered, because the accelerometer records second-by-second data, we will record any discrete values (even within the same second) for each point above the thresholds built into the firmware. The results of this can be multiple exception events per second for every instance the vehicle's acceleration breaks the conditions of the rule set up within MyGeotab. Please let me know if you have further questions about this and we can address them in the support ticket you opened up for this.

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