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We have just started using the system and I am trying to set up some useful email alerts for rule violations.

Are there any other tokens available for use, other than the below? I was unable to find any information in the support resources or the various forums.


For example, for speeding alerts, I would like to include not only the vehicle's recorded speed but also the speed limit that was used to trigger the alert. 

I would also like to be able to include the threshold values for the various alerts in the alerts themselves. For example, idling alerts are set to five mins - how do I pull this variable and insert it into the email itself?


If this information is available online please point me in the right direction :)








{database}The database for this device
{rule}The exception rule that was broken
{device}The device name and serial number that triggered the exception
{deviceComments}The comment field for the device
{deviceWithDriverName}The device and driver name
{driverName}The driver name
{serialNumber}The device serial number
{date}The date the exception occurred
{time}The time the exception occurred
{timezone}The timezone for the exception date and time
{latitude}The latitude where the exception occurred
{longitude}The longitude where the exception occurred
{speed}The maximum speed when the exception occurred
{diagnostic}The diagnostic names and their values associated with the exception
{zone}The name of the zone the vehicle was in at the time of the exception
{address}The street address at time the exception occurred

Stephen Cooper

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Hey Stephen, 

Unfortunately you will be limited to those tokens and posted road speed is not one of them. I can kind of gauge the road speed by referencing the road speed conditions in the title of the rule (Speeding > 10 km/h). You can do the same with idling conditions by titling the rule (Idling over 5 mins) 


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