Difference in odometer unit of measure between my.geotab.com and data retrieved through the API



I am using the code below to retrieve the odometer value for a certain device, using the .NET Geotab SDK. The value retrieved seems to be in meters. I know this because I am also retrieving the diagnostic and i am looking at the unit of measure assigned.

        search = new StatusDataSearch
            DeviceSearch = new DeviceSearch { Id = geotabDeviceId },
            DiagnosticSearch = new DiagnosticSearch
                Id = KnownId.DiagnosticOdometerAdjustmentId
            FromDate = DateTime.UtcNow

If I look in my.geotab.com at the details for the same device, I see the odometer = the value I retrieved with the API / 1000. Therefore I expect the value to be in km, but the interface says it is in miles. The value in my.geotab.com for the odometer is followed by mi.

I would expect the odometer retrieved from the API to be in meters because that is what I understand from the documentation. Is there an error in my.geotab.com and is the value displayed actually in km?


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Pinca Ioana Maria

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The interface currently has a bug and even though it is showing "miles" as the units the value is still in kilometers.

This bug has been fixed and will be part of the next update.

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