Notification Templates and Distribution Lists


I have a question about Notifications templates and Distribution Lists.

I have a client that has the following situation. They are using Geotab to provide tracking service to their customers. Noting that, we have a general group of "Customers" and then each customer is in a specific group of their own with their own vehicles.

Goal: We have set up rules for the entire organisation, that when an exception is generated, each customer should receive a custom email (based on a template) for only their vehicles. However only the specific customer to whom the vehicle belongs should receive the notification. i.e. Only customer 1 should receive notifications for his vehicle while Customer 2 and 3 should not receive a notification.

Currently, we have set up the system, so that when a rule is broken, the email is sent to a number of people (each individually listed so we can use a notification template), I wanted to check what was the correct method to set up a rule so that customers only receive notifications when a rule is broken by their vehicle.

The rule is currently set up as a company wide rule. Is it that we would have to assign the group to only "Customers" or to each individual customer "group"?

Notification Templates & Distribution Lists

This runs into the next question. 
Q2: How can we apply a notification Template to a distribution list?

We have been able to use notification templates which send emails to a specific individual/ number of individuals when a rule is broken.

However, when I select a distribution list, there is no option to send that email based on a specific notification Template (which was used when each person to be notified was manually input). How can we apply a notification Template to a distribution List.

Q3: Is there a way to use a distribution list to send a notification (exception) email to only one or two individuals based on which group they are in and if a vehicle in their group generated an exception?

As above, We would like customers who have a vehicle that has broken a rule to receive their notification and it would be desirable to use a DBlist to accomplish this so that: 
1) We can easily modify and change the email address notifications in multiple rules quickly (one DBlist could be used in multiple rules) 
2) be able to add new customers to a DBlist and thus to multiple rule notifications quickly and easily

Thank you in advance. 

-- Khalil B

Khalil Bryan

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You should leave the rule as a company wide rule, as long as the recipients are valid users they will only receive a notification when a vehicle within their datascope breaks the rule.

You should almost always use distribution lists, you apply the template on a per user basis so you could have recipients in the distribution list with different templates. Again, same holds true, if the recipient is a user then they will only receive the exceptions within their datascope.

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