Exception Rules - Incorrect Conditions


I am trying to create a rule to alert someone if a vehicle has been driven for longer than three hours.  I've modified a rule so that it is simply triggered when the trip duration is longer than three hours, but I keep getting error messages about the conditions being incorrect.  This is one condition right from the system with no modifications on my part except removing the original conditions and adding this one.

Is this a notification that always comes up, or am I missing something when building this custom rule?


Joy Bailer

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Hey Joy,

I do not see any issues with the rule you made. I was able to make the same rule in a test DB with no issues. I would suggest you start the rule from scratch and see if you run into any issues.  If you do let me know which database you are operating under and I can take a look for you. Remember not to modify a rule make a new rule from scratch.  


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