Add the feature of IVDR (Individual Vehicle Distance Record) for IRP requirements to geotab


IVDR (Individual Vehicle Distance Record)

I have talked with geotab support and they do not have a IVDR (Individual Vehicle Distance Record) form or have any intentions on making one in the future. So they said if I could gain more support or interest, they would look more seriously at making one.

I wanted to just use my trips history or let my IRP agent just inspect my trips history online but she said I had to acutually submit a IVDR form. Here's a website that has a IVDR form example for those of you that are not sure of what I'm talking about


Is my IRP agent wrong and I can just let her look at my trips history, or is she right and I do need to submit an actual IVDR form and in that case it would be great if Geotab or someone would add that feature to Geotab? If that's the case then could you please leave a comment below for support of making and IVDR form Geotab.  Thank you


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Hi Joshua,

Though it is possible to extract the information from the trip history to fill in the form, the trip history does not provide the data in a format that can be easily fill out the IVDR form. It may be best to extract the relevant information from the trip history and then submit a filled up form for them.

Alternatively, you can try to write a SDK application which can pull all the relevant information to fill out that form:



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