Aux Rule Integration


I am looking to create a rule like this:

AUX 3 pressed <5s before vehicle in reverse OR

AUX 3 pressed <10s after vehicle in reverse


Is this possible and can someone assist since I cannot seem to locate a good set of instructions on advanced rule editing?

Iver Johnson

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Hi Iver,


There are no rule conditions for "before" or "after" so it wouldn't be possible to create this kind of rule within MyGeotab. However, using the SDK you could develop rules with more complicated conditions as you have indicated. Your best bet would be to first contact your Geotab reseller who can assist you further with setting up rules using the advanced conditions editor.



Erik Rutten

Erik Rutten 0 votes

Using native Geotab UI: Create 2 rules.  One rule for Aux 3 on and one rule for reverse.  Then create a custom exception report with those 2 rules and sort by the device and time for those two and create a solid formula to get those time differences you need. 

Michael Head 0 votes