'Fuel Usage' or Drive Battery Info for Electric Vehicles (e.g. Nissan Leaf etc)



We have a client that is using electric vehicles (EVs) and they were interested in getting information similar to the equivalent of fuel usage for regular vehicles but relevant to electric vehicles. Would we be able to see the vehicle Battery Drain, Usage etc? 

Notably, we can see in the diagnostics the information related to the "Starting Motor" Battery (pic attached), however the actual Battery used to power / drive the vehicle we haven't been able to access. 

Are there any specialised reports/ diagnostics for EVs that I can look at to see Vehicle Drive Battery Usage, Load, Drain, Charging etc? If there are others as well, then please include those as well. Thanks in advance

-- Khalil B

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Khalil Bryan

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Hello Khalil,

I was able to look into hybrid vehicles. These vehicles do report the percentage battery remaining. And for those you will be able to create custom rules and reports. Unfortunately, there are no specialized reports yet. Please do visit the Geotab marketplace. You can definitely customize one of the reports to suit your needs.

As for fully electric vehicles, we have limited data on them. It is in the Geotab roadmap to support EVs. Do you have a device currently in an EV? We can take a deeper look and see what other information we can get.

Kind regards,


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Jad Bucktowar 0 votes

Hi Jad, 

I currently do have an EV vehicle (Nissan Leaf) that has a GO7 installed. It would be great if we could find a way to measure Battery usage, power consumption etc. 

I will create a ticket and reference this support message to follow up on it. Any information that we find can then be made generic to help the community at large. Will create the ticket now. 


Khalil Bryan 0 votes


If you have an engine measurments report with some data of one or two vehicles, maybe we could help you analyzing or even building a useful report.

It wouldnt be needed to specify private details such databases or customers. Just a MyGeotab engine measurements report :)

Cesar Ortiz 0 votes

Hi All,

I'm wondering if there has been any progress in Geotab's reporting capabilities with hybrids and EV's. I have a prospect who is specifically interested in using Geotab to support his electric vehicle & hybrid fleet. He too is looking for reports that look at Vehicle Drive Battery Usage, Load, Drain, Charging etc.

Any guidance is much appreciated!

--Jeff C.

Jeff Carll 0 votes


A number of electric vehicle diagnostics are available. On the 1801 release; the standard SAE diagnostics have been updated to the current standard. So any new standard SAE vehicle diagnostics which relate to electric/hybrid vehicles will be present there.

In addition to that there are a number of other telematics device diagnostics and faults available. However many of these are custom diagnostics which are vehicle/manufacturer specific; so depending on the vehicle used by your customer, information may or may not be available. And we are continuing to add to this list.

With regards to reporting; the standard reports would display any diagnostics and faults which could be read from the vehicle. Depending on the customer's needs, a custom report may be a more appropriate solution for them.

It may also be worth speaking directly to sales so that we better the requirements of your prospect.

Let me know if you have any other questions.



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