Can you restrict access to the GeoTab website to authenticated users and terminals by the domain active directory.


We have installed the Geo-Tab devices on our patrol units.  However, the Department restricts access to the system to (2) two individuals because of the fear of someone sharing their account.  This has the potential of a major security risk and an unauthorized person or criminal could potentially see the location of all our patrol units in real time.

The Department utilizes another web based application hosted at a different location but utilizes Apache Tomcat – Shibboleth to authenticate the user and device.

Is it possible to use the same product or similar product to accomplish the same goal?



Octavio Reyes

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We do not have an existing integration with Apache Tomcat - Shibboleth and unfortunately I do not have much information on that product. Having said that, our software comes with a rich and very open SDK which should allow for a custom integration to accomplish your required goal.

If you know your assigned reseller then please reach out to them, they will be able to give you an introduction to the capabilities of our SDK. If you do not know your reseller then please fill out our contact form with your complete contact information  (MyGeotab database included)  and someone from our team can reach out to you.



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