How can i embed custom map in geotab??


I want to embed weather on cities in google map and embed it in geotab maps section. i m not able to find any relative documentation for this task. please help me. I dont want to do it in add-in.

sidhant saini

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Hi Sidhant,

Unfortunately the functionality to embed weather in the Geotab maps is not available currently, however we have gotten quite a few requests for this and our developers are working on developing something to cater for this in the long term. 

However in the meantime you may want to explore what Weather Telematics, one of our integrated partners, has to offer in the links below: 

Alternatively you may also try creating your own custom map (be it MapBox, ArcGIS, or perhaps some other map service) and then add the weather layers to the Geotab maps.

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