Is there a way to omit the first and last trips of the day (commute time) in a Summary Report?


I would like to be able to break down how much our technicians drive during the work day.  I'd like a report that pulls the following:

Total Active Hours and Minutes that day (ex - 7am key in to 9pm key off)

Total Drive Time = total hours and minutes driven that day

Total Commute Time = Add the first and last trip driving duration together for that day.

Total Work Drive Time - Remove the first and last trips / Subtract Commute Time

Is there anything that currently exists that will do this?  Thank you. 

Kevin Ralph

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Sounds like you would have to know the first stop and last stop for the day (first job or shop) because a trip could be from their home to McDonalds in the morning for instance (a trip stop is any ignition off or idle over 200 seconds).  So maybe create zones for what you need and rules for those zones and create your reports off of that data.  Start there to get your work times defined a little better other than a vague first and last trip.

I know what you want but you have to design it around how the software works.

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