Geotab Drive - 4.0.0 released for Android


The Geotab Drive application is a smart in-vehicle solution for Hours of Service (HOS), DVIR (Driver Vehicle Inspection Report), Driver Identification, Messaging (Beta), and Custom Add-ins. 4.0.0 is now available for Android and will be available for iOS in the near future.  

What’s new with 4.0.0:

New Server-Side Updates

In the new version, the Geotab Drive app is integrally tied with the MyGeotab fleet management software. This means that when your MyGeotab server updates, the Geotab Drive app on your phones or tablets will also automatically update. Regardless of whether you are using Geotab Drive on the Android and iOS platform, this change eliminates the need to manually update your devices.

DVIR Workflow: Faster and More User-Friendly

Users can integrate Geotab’s DVIR solution into an existing inspection process with minimal effort. New prompts and visual feedback allow users to quickly and easily certify and review an inspection or repair.

For more information on DVIR click here: Geotab Drive 4.0 DVIR Workflow

Enhanced ELD Compliance

Geotab Drive 4.0 includes the following new ELD-related changes:

FMCSA-compliant ELD Report

  • As required by the ELD mandate, Geotab Drive 4.0 includes an FMCSA-compliant display report for Department of Transportation (DOT) Officers when doing a roadside inspection.

Updated Location Changes

  • The location of a status change now conforms to the format defined in Section 7.29 of the final ELD ruling.

New HOS Rules Exemption

  • Salesperson Exemption

  • Oilfields Operation Exemption — Geotab’s HOS now includes exemptions for drivers of commercial motor vehicles that service oil wells. All property-carrying rulesets can be used with these drivers, but not short haul

Yard Moves & Personal Conveyance

  • Drivers are now able to define if their trip is a yard move or personal trip.

Texas Intrastate Rules

Drivers of commercial motor vehicles in Texas will now be supported by the Texas Intrastate HOS rules.

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Jobin Thayilchira

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