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Is it possible through the api to obtain a list of the Db which exist on a server? 

The company I work for is a reseller and therefore has a number of servers each of which contains numerous databases. 

The application I'm developing needs to provide the user with the option to select a database. I was hoping to be able to update the list of databases on each server overnight but can't find the functionality for this.


If this is not possible please let me know. 

We are able to obtain a list of the databases on each service through checkmate so I assume there must be someway to obtain this list. The question is whether the functionality is available through the API.

Mauricio Muniz

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Hi there, 

Sorry, there is currently no way to get a list of DB's that exist on a server through the API. 

This is a feature that we seen some interest in and may be available in future. If you would like to see this or other features available in MyGeotab you can submit a feature request by having the reseller contact our support department.


Steve H 

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