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Hi there, 

Is there a way to get all stops at a particular coordinate? Couldn't find a relatively simple way to do it, but just began digging through the SDK. 

Basically looking for all time spent at a specific coordinate by all devices, so that I can summarize it as an amount of time at a location. I would like to be able to approximate the time spent on service calls - e.g. if billing X hours, I'd like to know how many hours the trucks were actually at the location. 

Not sure if there's a (simple) way to do that.

Mauricio Muniz

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The way I see it, you have 2 options here: 

1) Create one rule that triggers when the device stops in a ZoneType (ie. "Service Call"). Then, create zones (programmatically or manually by a dispatcher) with that common ZoneType. This way you can quickly see service call stops in MyGeotab in a report AND also calculate time in the stop via the SDK. 

2) Query the trip data using ther SDK after the fact for the device, and find where trip stops correspond to service calls. The trip object provides the length of time at a stop. 

Method #2 may be the simplest (but may require some additional programming logic on your end if the coordinates/address reported are a bit off from the service call system), but method #1 is the one that can be viewed more readily in a MyGeotab report.

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