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Where can I get more information on the Web Service notification. In particular, I am wondering what is sent to the provided URL.... is it ASCII, binary, hex... or is IIS required? Thanks.

Mauricio Muniz

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The Web Service notification is deprecated, and will be completely removed in the next version of MyGeotab. 

The Web Service notification was not flexible. 

I would advise to use the Web Request notification, as it allows more seamless integration with a wide array of services and servers. 

For instance, a Web Request template for posting a Google Map of an exception to Tumblr (using HTTP POST): 

URL: http://www.tumblr.com/api/write 

HTTP Request Type: POST 

Post Data: 

email=test@example.com&password=somepassword&type=regular&title=Notification&body={device} broke {rule} at {time} ({timezone}) on {date}.Google Map Location&generator=checkmate

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