Get Time-In and Time-out


We want to collect actual time-in and time-out for a planned device workhours. 
These event will be based on a set of predefined rules based on zones and planned worktimes. 

I assume we could use the Feed API to get these data. However this API doesn't support zones. Is there away to inform the system to inject the rules results in the Feed API? 

If not what is the best approach (methods) to get the required data? 

Please provide sample

Mauricio Muniz

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As of 5.7 only LogRecords, StatusData, FaultData, Trips and Exceptions can be accessed using the Feed. In the future more objects will accessible though the Feed however not all objects will be. The Feed is meant to be a way to get objects that are updated over time without having to get all objects every time (ie. if you want new trips you don't need to use the Feed you could call Get but you would get both old and new trips). Not all objects need to be fetched this way. The API is how data can be retrieved from Geotab, the Feed is just a useful API method.

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