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I'm using the Add method with a Rule entity to add a new rule programatically to the system. I have tried many options with no luck. Not sure if the issue is related to bugs in current release, incomplete feature or I'm sending the wrong parameters. 

Therefore, please provide a working example for Add Rule via the REST API. 

I believe I'm sending the proper properties for the Rule entity. I'm using a get first and updating the parameters but no luck. 

Note - when I use a different parameters format as seen on your UI, it works by creating the rule but no conditions stored. 

Please help - it's a critical to our system design. 

Mauricio Muniz

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Unfortunately at this time there is no way to add Rules using the API. This functionality will be added in the future.

Editing the conditions of a Rule is also not supported at this time. That functionality will also be added in the future.

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