ProvisionDevice issue


I am trying to provision a new device via the SDK. 

var invoker = new WebServerInvoker(null, 100000); 
invoker.Url = "https://myadminapi.geotab.com/MyAdminApi.ashx"; 
var result = (ProvisionResult) invoker.Invoke("ProvisionDevice", typeof (ProvisionResult), arguments); 

When testing out the code I get the following response: 

{"error":{"name":"JSONRPCError","message":"User don't have permission to register new third party device.","errors":[{"name":"AccessViolationException","message":"User don't have permission to register new third party device."}]}} 

Is there some sort of registration process necessary to add 3rd party devices?

Mauricio Muniz

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Yes, you need to be authorized in order to use third party devices.

If you haven't already talked to someone to get set up, please contact our support department and they will point you in the right direction.

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