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What's the best way to use the GeoTab SDK in Silverlight? I can't use the pre-compiled DLL like I have been in .NET apps since it's not compiled for the SL runtime. Is there a direct way to access data within a SL app? Any examples? 


Mauricio Muniz

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Hi there, 

Currently we don't offer support for SilverLight when using the Geotab.Checkmate.ObjectModel.dll. 

You can make a HTTP requests to the https://my.geotab.com/Geotab/Checkmate/Web/DataStoreGetService.ashx endpoint which will return the data in JSON format. There is some more information regarding authentication available at: 

A good way to see how the requests are formed is to use the apiSandbox.html to make the required call and monitor the request in your browser's dev tools (in Chrome this would be on the Network tab). There you will be able to see how the request is formed and adjust according to your own needs. 

(please be cautious when using apiSandbox.html, data modified or removed will affect the database you are making calls against) 



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