NFC scans and GetKeyInsertData


I need to be able to capture NFC driver scans. When I call GetKeyInsertData using a test environment, I am getting back data that uses 2 types of KeyType: DriverId and DriverIdAndData. Should I be concerned with KeyType at all (filter the results), or does it matter? If I need the NFC key id, it will be contained in the returned KeyInsertData.KeyId regardless of the KeyType, correct? Could there be other KeyTypes that I should look out for when making this call?

Mark Faucher

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Note: This post references version 5.6 of the MyGeotab SDK

Hi Mark,

If you are interested in key scans/inserts you should filter the logs for key types DriverId, DriverIdAndData and NFCDriverId.

Yes, KeyInsertData.KeyId should contain the key id regardless of key type.



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