Question on using HTTP post request to invoke Geotab


Following is an example of detailed information that I use to connect to Geotab,


Host Name: my25.geotab.com

Port: 80

User Name: Rita.Hou@ccbcc.com

Password: xxxxxxxx

URL(Path After Hostname): /apiv1/

Http header:      uri: /apiv1/

                                Method: post

                                Header Item: “Content-Type”, “application/x-www-form-urlencoded”

Body: {"method" : "Get","params" : {"typeName":"Device","credentials":{"database":"ccbcc", "userName":"Rita.Hou@ccbcc.com","password":"xxxxxxxx"}}}


The response from Geotab is “302, Found.” And the body of the response is empty. I’m not sure if I miss something when sending this request, if there is, can you please help us on this?


Mallory Harmon

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