upgrading from 5.6 to 5.7: LogRecordSearch


In 5.6 GetLogRecords, we had:

- includeExceptions
- includeLogDetails

Is there anything we should consider regarding the loss of these - especially includeExceptions?

Mark Faucher

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Hi Mark,

includeExceptions: The view here has been changed to the opposite approach. Instead get exceptions you are interested in given a datetime, device, etc and if you require the location and/or speed, make a call to Get LogRecord. This is possible now because you can request the position/speed of a device (vehicle) at any point in time and get a result back.

includeLogDetails: This would have included  TripDistance, TripTime, WorkHours and LogReason. TripDistance and TripTime can be derived from the associated Trip. WorkHours can be derived from the associated Device. LogReason see this post.



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