How to mark the first route item as parked and optimize


I have not been able to find answer to this in the forum or the SDK docs:

1. Creating a planned route using the SDK (c#), how could I flag the first RoutePlanItem in the list as "Vehicle parked here at route start" as it is in a manually created list (see the image attached)? 

2. Is it also possible to optimize the planned route through the SDK as if the user clicked the Optimize button in the UI? 

An ideal sequence I would like to perform would be to add a "start" item (flagged as parked to begin with), then all the actual delivery items, and finally an "end" item (where the vehicle returns for the night)... then fire off the optimization routine as would be performed by clicking the button in the MyGoetab UI (which I assume anchors the first and last locations and optimizes everything in between)... then after optimization, remove the "end" item from the route.  Is this sequence possible?  (note: I am not automating the sending of the route to the Garmin at this time, which is why I want to remove the last item after optimization).

Route Start check box.PNG
Justin Streich

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Hi Justin,

The "Vehicle parked here at route start" is for if the route is optimised via the "optimise" button. It just means this the start point (RoutePlanItem.Sequence=0).

In MyGeotab, routes are optimised by the map provider selected (Bing or Google). It's a service we are not licenced to supply via the API. That being said, you can set up an account with a 3rd party map provider and do route optimization on your end.



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Okay, so any optimization needs to be done in-house.  Sounds good.  In my case, at the moment, the dispatchers want to see the route before pushing it out so they can simply push the optimize button themselves for now.  I experimented with the .Sequence=0 to get it marked as the parked stop and it didn't work... however it was a quick test along with a few other things at once so I will double check the code.  Thanks.

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