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Quick question, I'm surprised Geotab doesn't do this already. Does anyone have a solution to calculate toll road mileage driven? If so, does it require shape files for all toll roads? If so, where can I find this data for the US?


LP Papillon [d2go]

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Toll road identification is now available via custom IFTA reports. To obtain the IFTA report subdivided by toll/non-toll, include the FuelTaxTollRoad column in the report template. Currently, IFTA supports the identification of the following toll roads: NYS Thruway, Massachusetts Turnpike.

Erik Rutten

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Hi there, 

One easy way to accomplish this would be to add a zone over the toll road. Then create an Inside Zone Rule.

The mileage you are looking for will then be calculated in the Exception Report.

I am sure there are freely available .shp files available online for all US toll roads. Once you find the data set you can use the SDK example we provide for importing .shp files into zones. (See "dotNet Examples" -> "ImportZonesShapeFile" https://my3.geotab.com/sdk/#/dotNetExamples)

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