Basic Driver Score Report


The Basic Driver Score is one of MyGeotab's default dashboard reports and is provided as an example of how driver score cards can be generated. The report combines several aspects including mileage, idle time, work hours and speeding (3 speed bands) and is a customization of the Risk Management Report.

Graph-1.pngThe report calculates events and assigns demerit to reflect the severity of the speed, idle or after hours trips deviation.

The chart will display the Top 10 vehicles with the highest number of event demerits in order to highlight which drivers might require additional training. 

The default is to not allow a driver to collect more than 3 demerits in each category however you could create your own custom Basic Driver Score report and alter this number.

The basic driver score is calculated as follows:

Idling: This depends on the value you input under Maximum Idling within this report, by default this is set to 30%. The number of demerit points is three times the ratio between the actual idling percentage and the maximum idling value. Like the other two categories the maximum, by default, is 3.

Speeding: The report will assign a speeding event into one or more of the three speed bands as defined in your MyGeotab database's System Settings (Administration -> System -> System Settings). The default values are 70, 75 and 80 mph. For example, a speeding event of 78 mph will count as an event in both Speed band 1 and 2. Each speed band event is waited appropriately and a total number of demerit points are calculated for each device/driver.

After Hours Usage: This depends on the Work Hours schedule that is assigned to each device, visible in the device properties within MyGeotab. The amount of demerit points is calculated by dividing the number of after hours trips with the total number of trips for the time period and multiplying the result by 3.


Mauricio Muniz

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How is the data on the Data tab pulled and filtered?  My report based on the RiskManagement.17 report does not filter result based on the user's data access or the Groups filter at the top on the Dashboard. 

Tony Jenkens 0 votes

Hi Tony,

The report's configuration is based on the user's data scope. If a user is seeing data outside of their scope, please create a support case with your re-seller and this will be investigated further. Thank you.

Aarthi Ravikumar 0 votes

Hello ,

Could you please be more detail regarding the formula that calculates for example the speeding points using the default.I saw for the report the following formula IF(R16>0;MIN((F16/3+G16/2+H16)/R16*200;3);0) could ou please explain to us how it works?The reason that divides the speed limit 1 count with 3 the speed limit 2 count devides with 2 etc.Generally, how to calculate all points (idling,hours ,speeding)

Thank you in advance 

Euromat Ελλάς Α.Ε 0 votes