Accelerometer informaton as per GO7 Support document


Hi all, the following is stated in the GO7 support document, could this please be explained?

"Accelerometer 3-axis auto-calibrating accelerometer. Full scale (±2g, ±4g, ±8g & ±16g), capable
of measuring accelerations with an output data rate of 100 Hz or 400 Hz."

Reason for asking: We will be installing GO7 units to a vehicle that will be rolled over for accident analysis. Could the range be extended to 16g, or is this an automated process? Also, can the unit be forced with a parameter to increase the data rate to 400Hz? (Only for the roll-over event)

Looking forward to your answer/s

Steve Swart

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Hi Steve,

Our Go 7 device automatically calibrates as you begin driving. That is, no action is required from your end to calibrate the device. Due to the auto calibration ability of the Go 7, installation of the device is effortless. With regards to its recording scale, the Go 7 records in 8G mode. Although capable of recording in 16G mode, the device currently set up to only records in 8G mode. I have spoken to the our internal department to correct the Go 7 specification document. The output data range changes automatically when an accident level event, forces of 2.5G or greater, is detected and is automatically determined by the device. In determining the output rate, the device takes 12 sample bins of processed data at a rate of 12.5 KHz. The device then determines the average rate of the 12 sample bins taken and uses that calculated average as the output rate. I hope the provided explanation helps.


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