How to query for a specific CAN ID message?



I need to send a specific CAN ID request message and have the GO7 device to log the returned answer back to the server.

Is this possible to do without having to create my own device and AUX-IO interface?



Stephan Monette

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First things first, we do not support requests to the engine CAN bus through the GO device at this time unless they are engine measurement requests. With that being said, we do not currently have anything available that will allow a user to easily send a CAN request through the device.

If you can push a request to the engine, and the response is broadcast over the CAN network that the GO device is connected to, then our device will pick up the response. Depending on what request you are making, and what the response is, it's possible that our device will filter out the information, and relay only a generic message such as "unknown fault", or possibly even ignore it as information we are not interested in. It's also possible that our firmware won't be able to decipher or understand the response that comes through, if it is not something that we already monitor.

Due to the complexity and technical nature of this question, you may be better served creating a support ticket with us, where we can discuss this issue in more detail.

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