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I have been using the datafeed.exe application from cmd to pull .csv files to extract the gps coordinates until just recently.

The string I have been entering at the command prompt is :

DataFeed.exe -s my57.geotab.com -d city_rochester -u Michael.Herr@cityofrochester.gov -p (mypwhere) -c

I was not getting any response from the server.

I called the help desk and they suggested that I change it to:

DataFeed.exe -s sts94.geotab.com -d city_rochester -u Michael.Herr@cityofrochester.gov -p (mypwhere) -c

I still am getting no response from the server.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Michael Herr

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You need to add the token information for the feed you want to get data for. So for example, if you want to GPS Records then you would do:

DataFeed.exe -s my94.geotab.com -d city_rochester -u Michael.Herr@cityofrochester.gov -p (mypwhere) -gt 000000

You would replace 00000 with the last version/token you have in decimal (not hex)

Mauricio Muniz

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