Exception rule if stopped outside of all zones


Is it possible to create an exception rule that is violated if a stop is registered outside of all zones?  I have a database with 10 to 12 zone types and it appears the only way to accomplish this is to AND together all the OutsideArea[zoneType=xx].  There are a large number of vehicles in this database and I am concerned this rule would affect server performance.  This also will not include zones that are not a part of a group which ideally should be included (or we fix it that all zones are in a group).  The reason I need this in an exception rule is because we want the count of these stops to be included in the list of exception violations used in a Risk Management report.  Therefore, performing some Excel wizardry or using the SDK are options I am trying to avoid.

Justin Streich

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Hi Justin

This can be accomplished with already existing options:

1) create a zone type called "All zones" (name does not matter)

2) Add all zones to this new zone type

3) in the Rule creation page select options: "Add zone or zone type"

    a) Type > select zone type

    b) Zone Type > choose zone type created which includes all zones

    c) Event > Outside

4) add other components to the Exception rule such as stop duration

Please let us know if you have any further questions or there are any other conditions that should be met

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