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First post here...  We use Geotab and the Drive app for our Truck Sales/Service fleet, but have a different use case that we're not sure it will fit for..  Our sister company is contracted to manage the school bus routes/drivers for a local district.  We currently use Zonar for the Daily Inspection Report.  The Drivers are NOT required to use HOS, but we're interested in maybe moving the bus fleet to Geotab JUST for the DVIR.  Does anyone have any experience with this type of setup?  Any pitfalls we should look out for?  

Would we still need to use cell-enabled devices if the DVIR is performed at a Wi-Fi covered location? 

Are there any recommendations you can make to better achieve a DVIR using Geotab w/out using HOS?

Thanks all!

Randy Lawrence

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Hey Randy,

Welcome to the Geotab forums!

Geotab Drive can be used for DVIR only and some customers do use it that way. We recommend changing the clearance options for users by changing the following:

Remove "Administer HOS Logs", "View HOS Logs", "Send Messages, and "View Messages".

This will prevent HOS logs being made for the DVIR only user, and will remove the HOS and Messages buttons from the app to make sure it is simple for the user to do their DVIR and move on.

If the DVIRs are done at a location using Wi-Fi you will not need a device with cell-enabled. Other recommendations for DVIR use involve another clearance called "Mark DVIR logs as repaired". If the company wants to only allow specific users the ability to confirm a DVIR is marked as repaired or not, having this clearance option on those users and not others can help keep track of things.

Let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.

Brent McInnis

Technical Services Engineer

Brent McInnis

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