Satellite Add-on


Hello Geotab, I'm looking for confirmation for the following system setup:

- GO7 

- driver ID with immobilizer

- satellite add-on

Will this system work, most importantly the immobilization part, if the vehicle is out of cellular range FULL-TIME?

Will the administrator be able to turn the immobilizer on/off from their on-line portal AS WELL?


Catalin Capota

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Thanks for reaching out! 

As a confirmation on the devices, the setup should use the following:

-Go Device

-NFC Readers and Geotab NFC tags


-Satellite Add-On (Idirium): IOX-SATIRDv2

You can find the Support documentation for all these devices and add-ons from the following link: 


Furthermore, the DriverID and the Immobilization will work without cell coverage, as all of it should be stored on the devices itself. We support up to and including the relay, but if you choose to use it for controlling the ignition of a vehicle,you will need to support the installation yourself as Geotab does not support the usage of an Immobilizer. Please make sure you read the warnings on the SPR-RELAYKIT Documentation under IOX and Add-On Documentation using the above link.

We recently added the functionality to send the DriverID through Iridium messages, so the data will populate in the UI while out of coverage. 
Thank you.
Mert Sonmezler 0 votes

Thank you Mert, please provide a more direct answer to my question... can the immobilizer relay be controlled, ON/OFF through the Geotab install portal while the device is out of cellular coverage? Is there an icon on the screen that the administrator sees that one can press ON and OFF?

Catalin Capota 0 votes

If that is the case I would suggest the usage of the driver keys so the "Use driver key to control Driver ID Relay" setting would be the case for you. The drivers will define when the immobilizer will go off and the rule Driver Identification rule under Driver Feedback settings will define when it goes On. 

Mert Sonmezler 0 votes