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We have come across several points in time that show the incorrect address in relation to our vehicles actual location. 

REF: we had 1 vehicle that showed an address (GPS Location) on a street that was not within 2 miles of its actual location.

How do we fix this issue? 

Stanley Perret

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Hello Stanley,


There are many possible causes for incorrect locations being displayed:

1) Poor cellular coverage - Can cause a delay in uploaded data resulting in the device reporting a location the vehicle was at previously

2) GPS latch issues - Typically caused by environmental factors like large buildings or mountains but can also be a result of a poor installation or even GPS jamming. This is represented on the map by straight lines between GPS points (rather than following a road)

3) Incorrect address from map provider - Geotab receives all map data from third party providers. 


Please feel free to reach out if you have any further questions. If you have specific examples you would like to investigate further I would recommend creating a ticket with our Engineering Support team. This requires access to a MyAdmin account.

If you are an end user of the Geotab product you will have to contact your Geotab Reseller to submit a support ticket.





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