Custom Security Clearances - What do the different options mean?


Hi Guys,

Is there any documentation on the specific differences between all of the individual choices for custom user clearances?  In this case, I am specifically looking for the difference between "Administer trailers" and "View trailers".  (Presumably "View trailers" is a view only, but I need to know if a driver can still select a trailer when "Administer trailers" is disabled.)

The full-blown documentation on the difference between these would be awesome, but just assistance with the trailers thing for now would be adequate.



Joy Bailer

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Hello Joy,


The main difference between the Administer Trailers and View trailers is with trailer creation and deletion.


A driver with Administer Trailers disabled will only be able to view and select trailers to attach to their vehicle. 

They will not be able to create new trailers, edit existing trailers or remove trailers from the Drive app or the database.

Drivers without the 'Administer Trailers' should be able to attach trailers to their vehicle.


Let us know if you have any additional questions.

Luc Hains

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