Clearing previous driving history/ data from device to reuse in new vehicle


Hi All, 

I wanted to ask how we clear the tracking/ driving data from a device that has been previously used in another vehicle. We often reuse/ move devices from one vehicle to another if a client has an accident or if they discontinue the service.
* Many of our vehicles use the 3 wire harness (i.e. no VIN/ ODO reading)
* Many of our OBD installations are on older vehicles and thus are not able to record a VIN/ Odometer Reading

I looked through the support videos and articles and the closest items seem to be:
A) Moving a GO Device from one Vehicle to another: https://youtu.be/154MLCSv8Fs
B) Enabling Automatic Vehicle Management: https://youtu.be/EqYXq5_Aa6I

We usually do the steps in video A, however in the vehicle that is newly added to the Database (or sometimes when adding the device to a new DB) the old history still remains in the device.

1) Since we don't often get updated VINs through the 3-wire install or with the older OBD installations - Is there a way to manually ensure that a device installed in a new vehicle will have a clear history?
2) As a rule should we use Automatic Vehicle management to enable clearing of data when moving devices from one vehicle to another? I have shied away from doing this as an installation with a vehicle that loses power (e.g. vehicle with a Kill switch) would cause multiple incorrect entries for the same vehicle in the DB.

Thanks again for any insight that you can provide.

-- Khalil B

Khalil Bryan

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